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ANTARCTICA XXI's Signature Waterproof Expedition Jacket by MUSTO

We are pleased to present ANTARCTICA XXI's Signature Waterproof Expedition Jacket by MUSTO, hand-selected as the perfect technical outer shell jacket for use on expeditions to Antarctica.

The ANTARCTICA XXI Gear Shop is the best place for you to get ready for your expedition to Antarctica. Quality, comfort, and performance are key considerations for all the gear we offer — items must be waterproof, wind-proof, insulating, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and of the best weight vs. performance ratio we're able to find. We carry all the gear you need for Antarctica.

Your "Choice of Convenience" is important to us. Your order can be shipped to your home before your departure so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are fully prepared before you go. Or your order can be shipped directly to the ANTARCTICA XXI's Office in Chile, where it will be conveniently waiting for you to pick up before you leave to Antarctica. You won't have to carry it all the way to South America with you (we thank you for understanding we have no way to assist you in returning the gear from Chile to your home upon completion of your voyage).

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Enjoy preparing for your ANTARCTICA XXI expedition of a lifetime!.